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 Anti Recoil

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Data de înscriere : 12/10/2008

MesajSubiect: Anti Recoil   Mier Noi 12, 2008 10:09 pm

Descriere:Cu acest script tina nu va mai sari cand trageti si va fi fixa! Very Happy scuze am uitat ceva face!

Informati de folosire: Intrati in Counter-Strike 1.6/cstrike si cautati fisierul userconfings.cfg si treceti codu de mai de jos:

//Anti-recoil by J2K! VAC WON'T ban you for this

This is a touchy one, as it can be seen as cheating by some (mainly competitions).

All it does is bind your shoot button to look down slowly until released, making spam more accurate.

//The anti-recoil script
alias +antirclbind "+attack; +lookdown;"
alias -antirclbind "-attack; -lookdown;"

//The anti-recoil toggler
alias antircl antirclon
alias antirclon "bind mouse1 +antirclbind; alias antircl antircloff;"
alias antircloff "bind mouse1 +attack; alias antircl antirclon;"

//The bind
bind kp_minus antircl

//Strength of anti-recoil
cl_pitchspeed 5

//Setting the strength
The amount of pull down you set with cl_pitchspeed is up to you. I suggest you set it between 1 - 10, after 10 the pull down gets far too strong and just looks at the floor.
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Anti Recoil
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